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Air Zone Mechanical offers air conditioning upgrade services in Miami. We are widely known for our reliability and up-to-date features. Every homeowner or business owner has unique AC replacement Miami needs to meet, based on the size of his or her property. This is why it’s advised you contact the right company to make such an important purchase and don’t trust your needs to just anyone. We have been around for decades, providing top-quality AC replacement Miami and will make sure you are as comfortable as possible in your home or business.


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Do You Need A New Air Conditioner Unit?   

While replacing a system can be expensive, it can help you avoid a costly breakdown of your new air conditioner unit in the future. Repairing your system is great but the question is, how long will it keep running? The average lifespan of an AC system is 15 to 20 years. Anything older than that should be replaced with some exceptions, of course. Aging air conditioners will eventually start experiencing more breakdowns, which can only add up in costs that could go instead to AC replacement.  

When To Replace Your Old AC System?   

It’s difficult to know when is a good time for replacing central air conditioner or to determine how efficient is your current one is running. By current energy-efficient standard, if your unit is older than 7 years, it’s probably inefficient. If the AC unit breaks down often chances are it needs repair or AC replacementAlso, if your unit is a lower than level SEER, it’s time to think about a replacement – it’s the lowest efficiency level made in the United States.  Make sure you call experienced air conditioning installers to determine what is the best course of action for your specific situation 



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When it’s time to replace your old unit, you probably want to consider the cost to replace a unit first. At Air Zone Mechanical we believe your family deserves affordable and reliable air conditioning replacement. If your AC unit is showing warning signs of leaking, bad odors, blowing out warm air, and having unusual noises, don’t ignore it, and schedule AC replacement service with us right away.  

We will provide a comprehensive estimate prior to beginning work on your AC system with a variety of financing options and discounts available to make your AC replacement cost more affordable.  

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You can reach out to our team of experienced air conditioning installersWe have been providing customized AC replacement Miami that fits any preference and budget.  

We would like to learn about your cooling needs and discuss the AC replacement options available with you. We are confident that our team can provide top HVAC replacement services to keep your space comfortable for many years to come. 


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